SpeakingSchedule-ValeriePlusFillMax2016 SPEAKING SCHEDULE

January 10   Marquette University High School, WI
January 28  West Side Christian School
February 17  Porter Hills
February 24 Grand Pines
March 1        Aquinas Life Long Learning
March 2       Heritage Christian School
March 9       Saugatuck Douglas Historical Society
March 10     Alto Museum/School/Lions
March 4       Grand Rapids Teamsters
March 2       Heritage Christian School
March 15      Allegan Public Library
March 19      Ghost Ships Festival, WI
March 26      Beneath the Inland Seas
April 9           Shipwrecks 2016, Canada
April 19         Grandville Literary Club
May 2            Calvary Church
May 4            Retired Teamsters
June 17          Pentwater Lake Association
June 20         Grand Rapids Library
July 7             Historic Ottawa Beach Society
August 1        New Buffalo Library
August 4       Literacy Center
August 18     Historic Ottawa Beach Society Book Signing
August 25     Ransom Library
Sept 27          Heron Mannor
Sept 27          Heron Woods
October 13    Loutit Library
October 15    Bay Area Divers
October 19    St. Jude Church
October 25   SERA
Nov 2             Eastminister Church
Nov 17            Spring Lake Library

February 9    LaGrave CRC Church
March 26       Evening Beneath the Inland Seas


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