January 20: Wilmette Harbor Club, Lost on the Lady Elgin
January 22: Wyoming Senior Center, Lost & Found
February 22: Door Township, FUGO Balloon
March 13: Union Church of Hinsdale, Lost on the Lady Elgin
March 14: Heritage Christian School, Icebound
March 19: Holland Ladies Literary Club, Ottawa Beach Hotel
March 21: Ludington Maritime Museum, Lost on the Lady Elgin
March 23: MSRA Mysteries & Histories Annual Event, New Shipwreck Discovery
March 26: Belding Historical Society, Lost & Found
April 16: North Berrien Historical Museum, New Shipwreck Discovery
April TBD: Van Buren Genealogical Society, Lost on the Lady Elgin
September: Lighthouse Association, Big Red Lighthouse
October TBD: SERA, New Shipwreck Discovery
TBD: Holland Area Senior Professionals

January 18: Rochester College, Thomas Hume
March 16, Aquinas College, Lakewood Farm
March 30: Gary Byker Library, Fatal Crossing
April, 24: Herick Library Wayland,  Fatal Crossing
May 4: Coopersville Historical Society, Lakewood Farm..
June 13: Aquinas College OLLI, Big Red Lighthouse
July 18: Berrien Springs, Golden Age of Passenger Steamships
July 19: Wisconsin Marine Historical, Fatal Crossing
July 27: Pump House, Hotel Ottawa
September 8: Aquinas College OLLI, Lady Elgin
September 28: Grand Valley University, Fatal Crossing
October 11: Heritage Church, Icebound Found
October 21: Van Buren Genealogical Society, DNA Doesn’t Lie
October 24: SERA, Golden Age of Passenger Steamships
November 9: Holland Museum, Big Red Lighthouse
November 13: Grand Rapids Newcomers Group, Lost & Found
South Haven Literary Club, Fatal Crossing


January 6: Comstock Library, Fatal Crossing
January 13: Walker Library, Fatal Crossing
January 25, Kentwood Library, Fatal Crossing
February 3: Gaines Library, Fatal Crossing
February 24: Wyoming Library, Fatal Crossing
March 1: Rochester MN, Fatal Crossing Zoom
April 4: Century Club, Lakewood
May 11.12: Eaton Area Senior Center, Lost Found
June 20 or 22: Tamarack Library, TBD


December 9: Library, Fatal Crossing
November 18: Heritage Museum, Fatal Crossing
November 16: Ladies Literary, Lakewood
September 18: SPLIKA, Armistice
October 11: Holland Historical Society
August 3:0 Pump House, Passenger Steamships
July 19: Pump House, Lakewood
June 8: New Buffalo Zoom,  Passenger Steamships
March 2: Heritage Christian, Icebound
Aril 15: Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago, Griffon


Multiple Programs canceled due to Pandemic
March 10: Heritage Christian School, Icebound
March 2: Calvary Church, Icebound
July: Coast Guard Auxiliary Fatal Crossing (zoom)


February 12: Tri Cities Museum-John V. Moran
February 26: Forest Hills Community Center, Icebound
February 28: Heritage Christian School, Icebound
March 7: Oceana Agricultural Banquette, Armistice Day
March 26: Georgetown Library, Fatal Crossing
April 11: Roscommon Library, Lost & Found
July 10: Salvation Army, Lost & Found
August 20: North Berrien Historical Society, Fugo Balloon
September:  Historical Society of Michigan Keynote, POLMM
October 14: Lakewood Elementary Lakewood Farm
October 22: SERA
November 4: Century Club Fatal Crossing
November 18: Muskegon Silversides Thomas Hume
November 20: Michigan Maritime Museum, Griffon

January 16: Leslie Library-Frozen in Time
February 6: Zeeland Library-Fatal Crossing
February 7: Butterworth Hospital-Fatal Crossing
February 20: Holland Literary Club-Fatal Crossing
March 1: Heritage Christian School
March 5: Grandville School
March 15: Mason County Hist. Soc.-Fatal Crossing
March 22: Grand Rapids Art Museum-Fatal Crossing
March 24: MSRA Mysteries and Histories-The True Story of the Jane
March 27: Cummings Elementary
April 14: Charlotte Library-Fatal Crossing
April 28: Catalina Association
May 8: Auraleous Library-Armistice Day
May 9: Saugatuck Douglas Historical Society
May 15: Emerson School-Icebound and Lady Elgin
October 23: State Employees Retirement Association
November 1: Gary Byker Memorial Library
November 8 Hudsonville Library

February 9: LaGrave CRC-Armistice Day
March 4: Ford Seahorses
March 11: Ottawa Nature Center-Icebound
March 21: North Berrien Historical Society-Lost & Found
March 25: MSRA Mysteries and Histories
May 4: Allendale Library-Fatal Crossing
May 24: Dewitt District Library-Lost & Found
May 30: Hackley Public Library-Frozen in Time
June 13: Story Point Grand Ledge-Fatal Crossing
June 20: Covert Public Library
June 22: Story Point Rockford-Fatal Crossing
June 29: Story Point Portage-Fatal Crossing
July 6: Pump House Museum-Ottawa Beach
August 4: Salvation Army-Fatal Crossing
August 9: Grand Haven Seniors
August 10: Pump House Museum-Frozen in Time
September 12: MI Airport Managers Conference
September 20: Yankee Air Museum-Fatal Crossing
September 23: State History Conference-Fatal Crossing
October 24: SERA-Michigan Triangle
November 7: Story Point Grand Ledge-Armistice Day
November 9: Story Point Rockford-Armistice Day
November 15: Story Point Portage-Armistice Day

January 28: West Side Christian
February 17: Porter Hills-Fatal Crossing
February 24: Grand Pines
March 1: Life Long Learning Center-Armistice Day
March 2: Heritage Christian
March 9: Saugatuck Douglas Historical Society
March 10: Alto Elelmentary School
March 15: Allegan Library
March 19: Ghost Ships, Milwaukee
March 24: Freedom Village
March 26: MSRA Mysteries and Histories
April 9: Shipwrecks Canada
April 19: Grandville Literary Club-Fatal Crossing
April 21: Fennville Library-Fatal Crossing
May 2: Calvin Church-Armistice Day
May 3: Portage Library-Fatal Crossing
May 4: Teamsters Union
June 8: Cummings Elementary
June 17: Pentwater Lake Association-Armistice Day
June 20: Grand Rapids Library-Frozen in Time
July 7: Pump House Museum-Icebound
August 1: New Buffalo Library-Fatal Crossing
August 4: Grand Rapids Literacy Center-Fatal Crossing
August 12: Grand Pines: Lost on the Lady Elgin
August 8: Pump House Museum-Book signing
August 25: Ranson Library-Frozen in Time
September 15: Grand Pines
September 21: Trinity Lutheran-Armistice Day
September 27: Heron Woods-Armistice Day
October 13: Loutit Library-Frozen in Time
October 15: Bay Area Divers, Ohio-Frozen in Time
October 19: St. Jude Church-Fatal Crossing
October 25: SERA-Frozen in Time
November 2: Eastminister Church-Armistice Day
November 16: Capitol Area District Library-Armistice Day
November 17: Spring Lake Library-Frozen in Time
November 17: SERA Muskegon-Fatal Crossing
November 28: Lakewood Elementary

March 3: Heritage Christian School
March 5: White Lake Library
March 9: Sparta Senior Center
March 11: Grand Rapids Church
March 21: Evening Beneath the Inland Seas
March 24: Forest Hills Senior Center
March 26: Marcellus Township Library
March 31: Kalamazoo Public Library
April 7: Hackley Public Library
April 28: State Employees Retirement Assoc.
April 28: North Muskegon Library
May 27: Pentwater Historical Society
April 20: Quiet Birdmen
June 24: Lakeview Cemetery
June 24: Michigan Maritime Museum
June 25: Berrien Springs Historical Society
June 28:Pump House Future Museum
July 14: Leland Public Library
August 4: Famous Daves
September 9: Plymouth Heights Church
September17: Pump House book signing
October 7: Eastminster Church
October 7: Marcellus Library
October. 12: Baroda Church
October 17: Arts Council Ludington
October 27: State Employees Retirement Assoc.
November 3: Hackley Public Library
November 5: Loutit Library
November 10: Charlevoix Public Library
November 11: Spring Lake Library
November 12: Calvin College Life Long Learning
December 4: Battle Creek Books

February 15-17: Our World Underwater
February 18: Walker Memorial Library
February 22: Sea Horses Show
February 27: Loutit Library
March 6: Rockford Historical Society
March 13: Lowel Township Library
March 16: Map Society of Wisconsin
March 15: Ghost Ships
March 18:Walker Memorial Library
March 20: Aquinas College
March 22: Evening Beneath the Inland Seas
April 8:Walker Memorial Library
April 22: Hackley Library
April 29: Walker Memorial Library
May 7: Georgetwn Township Library
July 17: Morton Township Library
May 8: Michigan Maritime Museum
May 1: Baldwin CRC
May 3: Michigan Maritime Museum
May 9: Waukazoo Elementary
May 13: Lowell Library/Flat River Hist. Soc.
May 15: Saugatuck Center for the Arts
May 20: Cummings Elementary School
May 22: Dexter Library
June 7: Sable Point Lightkeepers Assoc.
July 17: Morton Township Library
August 8: Roscommon Library
September 8: Calvary CRC Church
September 9: Clarkston Library
September 13: Oceana County Public Libraries
September 16: North Berrien Historical Society

February 15: Our World Underwater, IL
February 27: Norton Shores Library
March 2: Ford Seahorses Festival
March 5: Lansing Dansville Library
March 7: Rockford Museum
Marc 11: West Bloomfield Library
March 15: Ghost Ship Festival, WI
March 18: Sand Lake Historical Society
April 20: Evening Beneath the Inland Seas
April 27: Lansing Library Holt
May 1: Teamsters Retirees
May 1: Spring Lake Library
June 25: Lansing Library, Leslie Branch
June 25: Lansing Library, Okemos Branch
July 18: Adrian Public Library
July 24: Hope College Summer Camp
August 20: Vicksburg Historical Society
August 28: Pentwater Historical Society
September 4: Paw Paw Library
September 11: Kalamzoo Public Library
September 17:Beacon Hills
September 18:Trinity Lutheran Church
September 20: Kalamazoo Kellogg Center
September 24: State Employees Retirement Assoc.
October 6: Glenview Library, Illinois
October 10: Pentwater Service Club
October 15: Manistee Library
October 19: Shipwrecks & Technology
November 4: Calvary Seniors Grand Rapids
November 20: North Muskegon Library
November 26: Fifth Reformed Church

January 5: Beacon Hill Senior Center
January 10: Heritage Christian School
February 9: Brenton Woods Senior Center
February 12: Michigan Maritime Museum
February 16: Dorr Township Library
February 24: Freedom Village Center
February 25: Ford Seahorses Festival
February 26: Michigan Maritime Museum
March 1: Calvin College
March 8: Georgetown Library
March 10: Kentwood Library
March 13: Parchment Library
March 23: Petoskey Noontime Program
April 4: Beacon Hills Senior Center
April 10: Clare Library
April 11: Orian Lake Library
April 12: North Berrien Historical Society
April 13: St. John’s Cathedral, WI
April 14: Ghost Ships Festival
April 15: Wilmette Historical Society, IL
April 21: Evening Beneath the Inland Seas
April 24: Rochester Hills Library
May 15: Lowell Historical Society
May 21: Spring Lake Library
June 7:Simpson Methodist Church
June 14: Bangor Historical Society
June 20: Aquinas College
June 27:Aquinas College
June 27:West Minister Church
July 12: Holland Rotary Club
September 10: Calvary Church
October 20: Shipwrecks and Technology
October 23: Hackley Public Library
November 6: Charlevoix Public Library
November 6: Charlevioix Elementary School
November 10: Grand Rapids Public Museum
December 6: Paw Paw Library
December 18:Grand Rapids Public Museum

January 7: Heritage Christian School
February 8:Tri-Cities Museum
February 12: Cadillac Wexford Center
February 17:Brighton Library
February 19: Our World Underwater, IL
February 23: Flat River Historical Society
March 3: Loutit Library
March 5: Ford Seahorses Festival
March 17:Calvin College Life Long Learning
March 26: Ghost Ship Festival, WI
March 29: Hackley Library
April 2: Scuba Fest, Canada
April 14: Cummings Elementary
April 16: Beneath the Inland Seas
April 19: Spring lake Library
April 20: Pine Ridge Elementary
May 16: White Lake Elementary
May 21: Lakeshore Museum Center
May 24: Martin Luther King Elementary
June 1: Stevensville Library
June 9: Daughters of the American Rev.
June 28: Private Program, Benton Harbor
July 5: Sheboygan Arts Center
July 7: Berrien County Historical Soc.
July 19: GR Women’s City Club
August 18: Cook Valley Estates
August 18: Porter Hills Senior Center
September 2: Covenant Village Senior Center
Sept 8: Harper College, IL
September 19: GR Grand Forum
September 20: Northview Seniors
September 20: Huron Manor Senior Center
October 5: Teamsters Retiree Association
October 10: Grand Haven Women’s Club
October 15: Herrick District Library
October 25: Charlevoix Library
October 25: Charlevoix Elementary School
November 3: Ionia Community Library
November 7:Holland Book Club
November 10: Spring Lake Library
November 22: Forest Hills Seniors

January 8:Heritage Christian School
January 10: Cummings Elementary
January 16: Holland Literary Club
January 23: Hope College Book Signing
February 10: Woodside Elementary
February 16: Women’s Literary Club
February 20: Our World Underwater, IL
February 27: Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival
March 6: Ghost Ship Festival, WI
March 13: Herrick District Library
March 20: ScubaFest, OH
March 22: Holland Robinson Church
March 24: Oakcrest Senior Center
March 31: GR Celebration of Reading
April 13: Oakcrest Senior Center
April 16: Pine Ridge Elementary
April 24: Evening Beneath the Inland Sea
May 5: Kalamazoo Public Library
May 13: Saugatuck Center for the Art
June 16: The Heritage Museum
July 12: Berrien County Historical Society
July 14: Three Rivers Public Library
July 21: Spring Lake Ladies Club
July 27:St. Joseph Public Library
August 14: Legends of Diving, OH
August 17: Mecosta Library
September 8: Discovery World Museum, WI
September 9: Evanston Historical Society, IL
September 16: Plainwell Ransom Library
September 19: Winnetka Historical Society, IL
September 23: Grand Traverse Lighthouse Soc.
September 24: St. Joseph Yacht Club
September 28: Coldwater District Library
October 5: Hudsonville Library
October 12: Holland Calvary Church
October 19: Berrien County Historical Soc.
November 1: Mt. Pleasant Library
November 6: Detroit Dossin Museum
November 9: Radisson Hotel–Grand Rapids
November 10: Dossin Museum
December 3: Holland Coast Guard Auxiliary

January 13: Hackley Library
January 18: Michigan Maritime Museum
January 22: Cummings Elementary
January 27: Olive Township Historical Soc.
January 30: Woodside Elementary
February 12: GR Power and Sail Squadron
February 14: Holland Women’s Fellowship
February 19: Freedom Village Center
February 21: Our World Underwater, IL
February 18: Ford Seahorses Conference
March 12: Tri-Cities Museum
March 17: Haslett Library
March 18: Leslie Library
March 21: Scuba Fest, OH
March 24: Mason Library
February 26: Spring Lake Schools
March 25: Webberville Library
April 25: Evening Beneath the Inland Seas
May 15: Holland Professional Club
June 02: Pine Ridge Elementary
June 11: Bangor Historical Society
July 06: Children’s Shipwreck Exploration
July 21: North Berrien Museum
August 6: Berrien County Historical Assoc.
August 8: Saugatuck Red Barn Playhouse
September 9: Boy Scouts of America
September 15: Lowell Area Historical Society
September 25: Kalamazoo Elder Hostel
October 1: Tri-Cities Historical Society
October 2: Historical Society of Michigan
October 9: Hope College Science Banquet
October 17: Grand Rapids Public Library
November 7: Gales of November, MN
November 10: Ionia Library
November 10: Zeeland Literary Club
November 16: Schoolcraft Library
November 21: Shipwrecks and Scuba, OH

January 15: Tri-Cities Museum
January 16: Rockford Public Schools
January 21: GR Retired Pilots Group
February 02: Sloan Museum
February 07: Waukazoo Elementary School
February 16: Our World Underwater, IL
February 19: Flat River Historical Society
February 23: Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Soc.
March 1: Herrick District Library
March 06: Lakeshore Elementary School
March 06: Georgetown Township Library
March 08: Ghost Ships Festival, Milwaukee
March 12: Cummings Elementary Schoo
March 18:Lakewood Elementary School
March 20: The Heritage Museum
March 25: Sheldon Woods Elementary
March 27:Walker Library
March 29: The Grand Rapids Museum
April 5: Shipwrecks 2008, Canada
April 10: LaGrave CRC
April 17: Tri-Cities Museum
April 19: Ford Seahorses Conference
April 23: Muskegon Historical Society
April 24: Walker Memorial Library
May 3: Beneath the Inland Seas
June 12: Banger Historical Society
July 23: Genesee District Library
July 2: Hope College Summer Camp
August 6: The Heritage Museum
August 26: Pentwater Library
September 5: Assoc. for Great Lakes Maritime Herit.
September 9: Aurelious Library
September 13: Georgetown Township Library
September 18: Saugatuck Center for the Arts
September 23: Bretton Village Seniors
September 24: Holland Women’s Club
October 1: Muskegon Power Squadron
October 2: Rockford Area Historical Society
October 17:Moby’s Dive Shop
October 23: Lakewood School
October 28: Fifth Reformed Church Seniors
November 08: Herrick District Library
November 10: Spring Lake Library
November 11: Heritage Christian School
November 14: Waukazoo Elementary
November 21: Sheldon Woods Elementary
November 25: The Joint Archives of Holland
December 3: North Holland School
December 5: Zeeland Historical Society

February 10: Our World Underwater, IL
February 13: Lowell Public Library
March 24: Ghost Ships Festival, WI
March 31: Shipwrecks 2007, Canada
April 10: Patmos Library
April 19: Georgetown Township Library
April 24: Berrien County Historical Society
May 5: Evening Beneath the Inland Seas
May 16: Trinity Lutheran Elementary
May 17: Loutit Library
May 26: City of Milwaukee Museum Ship
June 6: White Lake Library
June 21: Hope College Summer Camp
June 27: Hope College Summer Camp
June 9: Waterfront Film Festival
July 10: Forest Hills Senior Center
July 17: Zeeland Rotary
Aug 18: Michigan Maritime Museum
Aug 19: Michigan Maritime Museum
Aug 30: Grand Rapids Kiwanis
September 6: Walker Library
September 9: Association for Great Lakes Maritime Herit.
September 12: Caledonia Library
September 20: Knights of the Round Table
October 2: Alto Library
October 4: Michigan Maritime Museum
October 9: Grandville Library
October 30: Spencer Library
October 17: Rockford Public Schools
November 5: Crousse Memorial Library
November 6: Hackley Library
December 19: Government Managers Assoc.

November 14: Otsego Library
November 9: Spring Lake Library
November 4: Shipwrecks & Scuba, OH
October 18: Fort Miami Heritage Society
October 12: Ford Museum
August 24: Hope College
August 18: Press Conference
August 16: Pentwater Historical Society
June 10: Waterfront Film Festival
May 6: Evening Beneath the Inland Seas
April 27: Freedom Village
March 25: Beneath The Seas, NJ
February 25: Our World Underwater, IL
February 26: Forest Hills Senior Center