Since 1989, Valerie has been invited to appear on local and regional television news and radio programs sharing new shipwreck discoveries and what is being learned from them. She has appeared as a special guest on episodes of several television series as well as CNN, Al Jazeera, and local news features. 


Debut: February 2020

Josh Gates joins Valerie and the MSRA team to search for the wreckage of Northwest Airlines Flight 2501, lost in Lake Michigan in 1950.



Debut: July 2020

Valerie shares her research about the Lady Elgin, the worst shipwreck incident on the Great Lakes with the loss of over 300 people in 1860.  In addition to her appearance she worked with artists to craft the sinking animation on this as well as the Chicago Cribs.


Debut: February 2020

Valerie travels to Manitoulin Island to work with Cris Kohl and Josh Gates in search of Le Griffon, gone missing in 1679.



Debut: October 2017

Valerie is interviewed about shipbuilding and vessel traffic on Lake Michigan during WWII for this hour-long documentary, the first in a series developed by John Davies and Brian Kallies and produced by Captain David Truitt of the Chicago Marine Heritage Society.




March, 2017
Episode: The Michigan Triangle
In an episode in the premier season of the series, Valerie collaborates with host Rob Nelson to investigate the strange disappearance of the schooner Thomas Hume lost in Lake Michigan in 1891. Their works begins in the archives and takes them 150 feet beneath the lake to explore this very intact shipwreck.



January 17, 2016
Episode: Shipwrecks Spotted From Air 

In an episode of this series, Valerie serves as an historian to provide information about several shipwrecks spotted in the shallow water of Lake Michigan by a Coast Guardsman during an aerial training mission in the area of the Manitou passage in upper Michigan.



September 2014
Episode: The Michigan Triangle (Northwest Flight 2501)

In this episode of a long running series, Valerie van Heest explores the origins of an artifact at the Michigan Maritime Museum at South Haven, Michigan—a peach-color men’s shirt—found floating on Lake Michigan in June 1950 that belonged to a victim of Flight 2501, a DC-4 that crashed into Lake Michigan.



March 17, 2008

In an episode first aired on March 17, 2008, Cities of the Underworld travels to Chicago to explore beneath the city and beneath the lake visiting the wreck of the 3-masted schooner Wells Burt. Host Don Wildman, a diver, joins Valerie van Heest, who led the original survey of the vessel in 1989 right after its discovery, to take a closer look at what sank this once proud cargo vessel in May 1883.


Media-MissingRewardMISSING REWARD
Hosted By Stacy Keech
Summer 1989

Valerie is interviewed about the theft of artifacts from the schooner shipwreck Wells Burt. The State of Illinois offered a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the divers responsible.





Media Illinois AdventureILLINOIS ADVENTURE
Illinois Valley Public Television. Company Segment.

Valerie is interviewed about the work of the Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago and the theft of artifacts from the Wells Burt shipwreck.


Media-On the BenchON THE BENCH
Cable Talk Show
May 30, 1989

In Valerie’s first television appearance, she is interviewed about the documentation of the shipwreck Wells Burt by her team from the Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago.




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2015–July 2               WZZM Grand Rapids Brent Ashcroft: Flight 2501 grave Found
2015–March 12         WZZM Divers Solve Mystery of William B. Davock
2015 March 10           The Pledge Radio
2014–June 24            KSTP Minneapolis Tom Hauser: Flight 2501
2014–June 27            WKAR Current State Peter Wholfe: Flight 2501
2014–March 30         CNN Atlanta – Flight 2501
2014–March 25         FOX News Indiana- Flight 2501
2014–July 24            WZZM Grand Rapids Brent Ashcroft: Flight 2501 grave Found
2014–March 12         WZZM Divers Solve Mystery of William B. Davock
2014–June 24            KSTP Minneapolis Tom Hauser: Flight 2501
2014–June 27            WKAR Current State Peter Wholfe: Flight 2501
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2014–March 25         FOX News Indiana- Flight 2501
2014–March 24         WDIV Detroit Roger Webber – Flight 2501
2014–March 22         Al Jezeera Network – Flight 2501
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2014–March 21         WHBY Appleton Newstalk 1150: Flight 2501
2014–March 19         WPNW Holland: Flight 2501
2014–March 18         Lakeshore Public Radio Steve Walsh PBS: Flight 2501
2014–March 18         WTCM Newstalk 580 Traverse City Ron Jolly: Flight 2501
2014–March 17         WDEO Ann Arbor Ava Maria Radio with Steve Clark: Flight 2501
2014–March 17         Newstalk 1010 Toronto with Jerry Agar: Flight 2501
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2014–March 10         Milwaukee Journal Meg Jones: Apperance at Ghostships
2013–June 20            Michigan Radio Stateside with Cynthia Canty: Flight 2501
2013–Spring               Diver Down Blogspot
2013–June 13            WZZM Take 5 with Catherine Behrendt-Book Fatal Crossing
2013–June 13            WWMT Saturday Morning News: New Book Fatal Crossing
2013–June 19            Michigan’s Big Show Michael Patrick Stewart: Flight 2501
2013–March 13         WZZM 13: Exposed Grand Haven Wreck LL Barth
2013–Dec. 13             FOX NewS Chicago: Exposed Shipwrecks Low Lake Water Levels
2013–Dec. 3               WZZM 13 Brent Ashcroft: Exposed Grand Haven Shipwrecks
2012–May 12             WZZM 13 Brent Ascroft: Northwest Flight 2501
2012–April                 WWMT: Discovery of a deep schooner
2012–April                 WOOD TV 8: Discovery of a deep schooner
2010–April                 FOX News: Two Schooners Found
2009–Sept. 20           FOX TV News: Griffon Court Case
2008–Sept. 18           NPR: Flight 2501 Mass grave found
2008–Sept.16            Michigan Public Radio Charity Nebbe: Flight 2501 grave found
2008–Sept. 12           WGVU Radio David Moore: Flight 2501 mass grave found
2008–April 8             WZZM Take 5 Stepahnie Webb: New Book Icebound
2008–March 19         WZZM Take Five: Icebound Book and Program
2008–March 19         WGVU/ NPR Radio Interview Shelly Irvine: Icebound Book
2008–Feb. 21             Radio Interview Minneapolis: Icebound Book and Program
2007–May                  WWMT Kalamazoo: Search for Northwest Flight 2501
2006–May                  WWMT Kalamazoo: Search for Northwest Flight 2501
2006–July                   WWMT Kalamazoo: Hennepin, Barge, Schooner Discoveries
2006–July                   WZZM Grand Rapids: Hennepin, Barge, Schooner Discoveries
2006–March 16         WZZM Grand Rapids. Real Life/Real People: Woman Diver of Fame
2005–July                   WWMT Kalamazoo: Michigan and Ann Arbor Discoveries
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2005–May                  WWMT with Leslie Randall: Flight 2501 Search
2002–June                 WOOD Grand Rapids with Mia Shay: Akeley Discovery
2002–June                 WZZM Grand Rapids with Chris Tye: Akeley Discovery
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1998–July                   WWMT Kalamazoo with Kelsey Carlson: Chicora Search
1993–Summer           CBS News Chicago with Bill Curtis: Under Lake Michigan
1990–Summer           WFLD TV Fox Chicago: Wells Burt Theft
1989-Summer            WMAQ Chicago with Jackie Bang: Wells Burt